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Our Story

Kineton was born in 2017 from an idea of ​​enterprising young people who wanted to challenge the future.

This is Kineton. Founded in Italy in March 2017 by hardcore techies.

Kineton is specialized in the technological, automotive and communication sectors. Being at the side of our partners or managing projects from our state-of-the-art laboratories, we croncetize ideas into successful projects – planning your goals, strategizing the possibilities, dealing with problems with innovative solutions.

Our Vision

We get it. You want professional service of the utmost quality without sacrificing the personal touch of constant, dedicated customer support. At Kineton, we’ve got that covered from our branches which will help you turn your ideas into reality. When your future’s at stake, we don’t mess around. We’re there for our partners day and night. Guaranteed.

Our Mission

The company is able to combine expertise in many sectors such as automotive, media, telecommunications and entertainment in a single unified multidisciplinary project. Want to see how? Click here!

We are a one-stop shop for all high-tech needs!

Our Values

Kineton is here for all your engineering needs. And whether it’s tech, automotive, or communications, we’re on the cutting edge. We like to think that we don’t work with clients, but with partners – and we’re in the business of helping them, not only with ‘problem-solving,’ but with getting to know their own future. We’ll build it together, shaping it to fit your goals.

Our Competencies

Software development: We program electronic control units to govern several vehicle parts.

We program in C/C++ and use the most efficient and advanced development approaches such as Model Based Design and Basic Software Code generation in AUTOSAR environment.

All our development processes are efficient too, like agile V-Cycle, SPICE, and bilateral traceability to client specifications. We guarantee its reliability with quality assurance, tools, configuration and project management support processes.

Our code complies with coding safety, security, portability and reliability rules (MISRA,ISO26262).

Software Validation: The Kineton automotive validation department is an industry leader, and we cover the complete automotive validation lifecycle both in our own laboratories and at the client site, including:

Test Case definition

HIL configuration

HIL validation

In-vehicle validation

The development is referred to all main architecture layers:

SW Architecture


Basic Software (BSW/CDD/MCAL)

HIL Configuration and Modelling: One of the most difficult technical services we provide is the configuration of simulators, insomuch as we are one of the few companies in Italy able to configure a simulator (dSPACE, NI) from scratch and deliver it to the customer perfectly functional and customized according to their needs.

Specifically, we at Kineton:

Choose the simulator that best reflects the client’s needs, selecting the most suitable interface;

Develop and actualize all of the hardware connections between the simulator and the ECU being tested;

Actualize the software configuration for the exchange of information between the simulator and the ECU;

Implement the engine and vehicle simulation model;

HIL and In-Vehicle Validation:

Software validation is carried out in two different testing environments:

Simulated environment


In both cases, we perform all of the tests necessary to certify that the software functions properly.

In particular, we run tests on the following parts of software:

Safety and diagnosis

Vehicle functions

CAN and LIN communication protocol

As automotive software validation is one of the main things we do at Kineton, we have created four testing labs:

Two laboratories (Naples, Turin) for tests in simulated environments;

Two laboratories (Naples, Turin) for tests in vehicles;

Our testing activities are done not only in our labs, but also at various client locations, where we develop test automation and carefully report the work we do.

We run tests on all the ECUs present in a vehicle: powertrain, body, ABS, cluster, infotainment, and more.

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