Someone you can trust

A story begun 50 years ago...


FASEP was established in 1969, with a small capital made of only innovative ideas: we were able to change those ideas into successful products and we got our company to start up and fly high.

Nowadays, after more than 50 years, we export our products in over 50 countries throughout the world, but our passion, creativity, our human approach and especially our direct relationship with customers still remain our focus.

During these years, we developed our capacity of engineering new products using new technologies. We are now able to tackle competitive markets thanks to a dynamic and efficient organization, listening to the customer needs traducing them into products, striving first to be a partner, not only a supplier.

Our commitment grows day by day with our customers, to tackle and win new challenges with enthusiasm and passion, building products, services and solutions but, mainly, creating value around our cooperation with our partners.

Our strong specialization has allowed us to accumulate know-how over the years, i.e. specific knowledge that enables us to offer unique and innovative products, novelties and solutions, so much so that we are also able to manufacture our machines for other well-known brands in the sector, but also for car manufacturers that specialize in producing high-performance racing cars, such as Koenigsegg.



Leading partner in design and manufacture of wheel alignment control systems and wheel balancing machines.




To bring the best user experience to customers through quality-oriented, easy-to-use, accurate measuring systems, with innovative design, custom-made approach and services.


Guiding Principles


We believe in ideas, in innovation and, above all, in people.

Since 1969, FASEP has been passion, expertise, commitment to high quality standards.

Quality has always been part of FASEP philosophy. FASEP product quality starts from innovative ideas and know-how driven design by people who work with dedication and passion for years.

It is not unusual to find FASEP products that still work without problems after years and years of hard work.

These products are the first testimonials of the FASEP design philosophy.