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Company Profile

Company Profile

YCOM was founded in June 2008, from Mario Saccone and Nicola Scimeca, to create a unique consulting and engineering company specialized in planning and developing solutions in the motorsport industry. YCOM is now recognized as one of the most advanced, well known and reliable companies in the world of racing car design and manufacturing with particular focus on high-end composite components.

YCOM headquarter is in the heart of the Italian Motorsport Valley, nonetheless the company has an international attitude, with customers all over the world and global successes: 

the development of the monocoque for Audi LMP winner of an unknown number of races;

design and manufacturing of the Lotus Evora GTE for the ILMC 2011;

design and manufacturing of all composite parts of Volkswagen ID.R., car capable of breaking all the records at the Pike's Peak in 2018 and Nürburgring 2019;

design and development of the KCMG Formula4 for the FIA Motorsport Games.

YCOM’s winning “formula” is an experienced blend of know-how, technologies, innovation and expertise.



Ycom aims to be the refence for advance technology engineering in fast changing environments. 


From 20 years of experience in composites, race cars design, manufacturing and track management in top level championships, YCOM add value to the Motorsport and other industries by:     

  • providing advanced technological prototyping and services with high technology level;
  • developing projects overcoming time, performance, budget challenges;
  • providing extreme attention to details within complexities requiring the highest level of quality;
  • developing innovation within dynamic environments;
  • providing an experienced holistic perspective from a technical point of view (know-how of technical constraints around a single component);
  • providing an experienced holistic perspective from an overall project management view: economic resources allocation, manufacturing, supply chain, human resources effectiveness and efficiency.


Reciprocity: continuous exchange of know-how and mutual respect with clients and partners

Passion: people driven by skills and passion for an overall project development. YCOM’s engineers manufacture the products they design.

Research: analytic method as cornerstone to any activity and knowledge is managed as an asset.

Flexibility: unexpected is no obstacle, project updates are part of the game.

Responsibility: nothing is by chance, nothing taken for granted, quality as commitment.

Key Strenghts

Complete car design and manufacuring

Composites design and manufacturing

Holistic approach: how, what, where and why are mixed together; from the original idea to the end of its life, Ycom can cover any aspect of product developoment, including all the stages between design and testing.