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Italian RP

Our Story

Animated by strong passion for Motorsport racing fields, growing on daddy’s Ubaldo Racing Car Workshop, where the maniacal care for details was always a must, and after being graduated to UNICAL (Calabria University) as mechanical engineer, Francesco  Emanuele Errigo have set-up a successful whole sale business store selling Racing Car components since over a decade…..this business is merged now in ItalianRP…..

In 2014 together with an old friend with same passion specialized in high precision CNC  machining  process, Francesco have funded ItalianRP with the target to engineer and produce engine parts at very high level for competitive prices and acceptable delivery times, to fulfill better his customers’ needs in the Motorsport business.

After only 5 years from his start-up, ItalianRP is today a production factory with 10 CNC machines and 15 people employed, one very well-equipped measuring room necessary to check and certify the components produced, and much more dedicated machines for specific industrial process, necessary to machine all kind of connecting rods, clutch kits, flywheels, pistons and much more to come…..

Every single component is engineered and designed in house with qualified personnel, ItalianRP have developed with a team of three resident engineer, one specially made simulation software,  beside using the classics 3D CAD and CAM drawing facilities.

For all necessary outsourced process and materials ItalianRP rely only on qualified suppliers net-work using  materials guarantee by main authorities institutions, according to Aerospace and Military standards, with decades of specific experiences, from forgings to heat treatments and different coatings, all suppliers are in Italy to guarantee ItalianRp racing kits  to be 100% Made in Italy.

Connecting rods division

Connecting rods division

Today ItalianRP have in production two different connecting rods line to cover Motorsport market at all level, from small budget projects, till the hedge of Motorsport market. The two different kind of steel used are called IRPRS for “Silver line” and the IRPRG for “Golden line” of course dedicated to the highest level available in Motorsport.

The “Silver line” is produced with high grade steel certified  to Military and Aerospace standards, called IRPS usually defined in the market as DIN 34CrNiMo6 or 817M40T, but in force of very special last generation heat treatments process is able to offer over 20% more strength to cycling* fatigue stress when compared to competitors similar materials.

In hardness terms to ultimate strength the IRPRS material performance is granted to minimum of 41HRC (1320MPa) with real average of 1400MPa.

The “Golden line”  connecting rods, are produced by ItalianRP with super multi grade steel according to Military and Aerospace specs certified, the so called IRPRG material is comparable to DIN 35NCD16, but in reason of sophisticate heat treatments, including patented deep-freezing process (-70/80°C) it give the mechanical property to cycling* fatigue stress over 20% superior compared to 300M/4340M steel.

In hardness terms to ultimate strength the IRPRG steel have minimum ultimate strength of 50HRC (1780MPa) with real average strength over 2000MPa.

* the cycling fatigue stress, is the critical area (much more than just hardness) for connecting rods life…..

Clutch division

Clutch division

ItalianRP is engineering and producing light weight clutches kits ,  made from 7075 alloy applying  to Military & Aerospace standards, starting from extruded round bar at T651 stage, implemented with special coatings and hard anodizing, available in 3 different version, single, double and triple disk, in high grade steel hot-sintered, capable to manage without problems torques from 200Nm till over 1300Nm.

The spring size and load is calculated from ItalianRP engineers with software available developed in house, of course based on specific engine application needs.

New Piston Division

New Piston Division

ItalianRP have developed two kind of piston line division 100% forged in Italy, with very similar term definition to the connecting rods choice, the “Silver line” pistons and the “Golden line” pistons.

The “Silver line” is produced from forged pistons in material called IRPSP this material is corresponding to the well-known alloy 4032 (AlSi12%) from extruded certified round bar, this product line is suitable for good quality pistons in life terms, with good performance, but not for extreme engine applications, delivered with quality accessories (rings and gudgeon pins).

The “Golden line” is produced with forged material called IRPGP normally recognized as 2618/A (RR58) from extruded bar 100% ultrasound tested class A certified to Military and Aerospace specs, this material choice is made to fulfill  the need from the most powerful engine applications,  usually assembled in kit with the IRPRG connecting rods, but not only…

Surface coatings, DLC, Plasma, solid lubricant  and/or Galvanic process all with different functions, are made based on each engine application needs, for “Custom pistons” and for ItalianRP catalogue products.



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