Posted by YCOM on 03/11/2019


We are happy to share news from paddock where we had the qualifying and the first race of the FIA Motorsport Games.

The race was super exciting, a great battle brought Team Italy with Andrea Rosso to win the first race of the Inaugural FIA Motorsport Games.

A complete new car created only for FIA Motorsport Games by KCMG, proudly developed by Ycom.

At this link the full results of today's main race awarding the medals.

YCOM proudly supported KC Motor Group Ltd. (KCMG) designing and manufacturing the new F4 car KC-MG01. The first time facing with Formula 4 and the first Formula4 hybrid with Halo system ever: a milestone in Ycom history.

This car represents a bespoke project for the single-seater category of the inaugural FIA Motorsport Games, taking place between 1 and 3 November 2019 at the Autodromo Vallelunga in Italy.


A circular story

The story of the F4 KC-MG01 started in Macau, 2018. After the Formula3 race during the Macau Grand Prix, YCOM’s Managing Director Nicola Scimeca met KCMG’s CEO Paul IP and the decision to manufacture a completely new car for the FIA World Motorsport Games was done.

When KCMG won the tender to provide the cars, it was clear that it was a tight and big global challenge: 30 cars from a blank sheet of paper in such short time, design in Italy, composite manufacturing in Taiwan, suppliers all over the globe. In order to cope with this incredible challenge, KCMG decided to involve his partner, YCOM.

Two factors mark the importance of the project: it’s the first Formula 4 with the Halo, so the safety rules are extremely severe, and it’s the first Formula car with an Hybrid Powertrain. There is an MGU able to generate 12 KW and a Super Capacitor which accumulate energy under braking and release it under acceleration.

The Hybrid Powertrain for KC-MG01 has been developed purposely for this car by Magneti Marelli and Autotecnica, but the basic principles of this system could be used for future generation of Formula, GT, or Turing cars.

It’s also the first time that there is a completely new car just for a single event, it’s effectively a car done for FIA. 

The design started in December and the first test of car #001 was held in Italy at the beginning of May. During this time the car was designed, manufactured homologated according to the 2019 Formula 4 regulation.  In May and June, the car has been tested for more that 3000Km, then the production of the cars started massively. Shakedown of all the cars has been done between August and September.

Last step, the wrapping process started and every car has been customized with a specified livery for each nation, in order to better identify the drivers.

The cars will have an identical setup, the data will be shared between the drivers and the engineers during the weekend of the race, and a limited set of tires will be used. 

Drivers will get to know the car only at the first practice on Friday 1 November, in Vallelunga.

As Paul Ip declared: "It’s an honour to be working with the FIA and SRO on the exciting new FIA Motorsport Games. I would like to thank all our technical suppliers, especially YCOM, Magneti Marelli, Abarth and Autotecnica for their contribution in helping us create a great car in a short space of time. I cannot wait to see them lined up on the grid at the first event."

To come full circle of this great challenge, after FIA Motorsport Games, the car will be on display in Macau, where the project born, during Macau Gran Prix 16-17 November 2019.

It’s the first time Ycom has contributed in realizing a car launched in Asia.