Synergy Pathways

Synergy Pathways
Seeking Innovation through Knowledge for Action & Action for Knowledge

Our Focus and Areas of Motorsport Expertise

Our focus is the concrete and practical facilitation of international business development for Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SME's). Company co-founders and project leaders are Riccardo Paterni and Samit Naik, with Dr Tim Angus acting as an Associate Consultant for motorsport.

Our area of expertise is in ‘the business of motorsport’. 

We have an extensive knowledge pool and business network, within global motorsport and have a track record in delivering world-class motorsport projects and business development support for motorsport SME’s. 

We have utilised our expertise and network from an organizational and business development point of view in the motorsport industry working with racing cars and karts manufacturers (operating on a global scale), supercars manufacturers as well as international motorsport organizations and federations. 

Our Vision

To enable the reach of organisational and individual potential on a global scale driven by a key principle: Growht Through Knowledge for Action & Action for Knowledge: facilitating critical thinking, stimulating practical action.

Our Mission: we concretely add value to motorsport businesses by

  • helping to identify and leverage at best organizational strenghts and manage weakenesses ; 
  • becoming aware on how to leverage know-how to maximum effect wihin the current markeplace and new ones;
  • helping to identify new opportunities focusing on industry diversification and know-how transfer;
  • offering detailed help with market research for new marketplaces;
  • helping to leverage at best on your brand in new markets;
  • helping to sell your know-how, and relevant products and services, into international markets by utilising our extensive global motorsport and business network;
  • helping to idenitfy and access sources of funding to fuel growth.

Our Values and Key Strengths

  • We reach strategically and operationally several areas of the globe;
  • We focus on expressing our services by utilizing at best our integrated cross-cultural global experiences and networks;
  • We are driven by a need to constantly learn and perceive things from several perspectives, always evidence based;
  • Our mind-set is entrepreneurial driven by an overall organizational view that enables us to work with our clients in a fully synergic way in which we strategically and operationally guide and support them side-by-side;
  • We stimulate the implementation of innovation practices in order to ensure the expression of the full organizational potential towards international opportunities.

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