Why and How to Become a Member

What are the operational and strategic advantages of being part of RPM?

  • Team up and keep the Italian spirit in the world high, with delegations of RPM representatives and firms that highlight the value of each company and / or competence within a well-coordinated and connected sector body.
  • Free company listing on the RPM website and access to RPM only member events
  • Benefit from a better rating at financial institutions and have access to regional and national contributions reserved for companies that are part of "contracted company networks", which cannot be obtained by individual companies acting on their own.
  • RPM works with the interest of every single micro-enterprise so that it can in the shortest possible time become a small and medium-sized enterprise within Italy.
  • Do not be lost in the anonymity of major trade fairs and other large motorsport events, and benefit from a reduction in representation costs, travel expenses, shipping samples, etc. by working together.
  • Be represented also at institutional level in Italy at local, regional and national government  as part of a category (Motorsport) that has not been appropriately  institutionally recognized and therefore properly valued, both in terms of identity, turnover and profits generated for the benefit of the entire community.
  • Make use of the market knowledge and expertise from both RPM representatives and also other RPM member firms to help grow your business.
  • To be represented within the motorsport and wider automotive industry by experienced and well connected RPM personnel (e.g. at Anfia, CSAI, FIA)
  • To make use of both RPM representatives and the experience of member firms to help your firm look at internationalisation at both European and Global level (e.g. UK, China, India).
  • To make use of existing experience from other member firms and the experience of RPM representatives to help your firm diversify into other sectors (e.g. automotive, defence, aerospace).
  • Utilise RPM’s educational links at Universities both within Italy and abroad to help search for relevant expertise and potential personnel to assist your company to grow.


RPM is a Contract Business Network. What a Contract Business Network?

The Contract Business Network is an innovative model of collaboration between companies, introduced in the Italian legal system since 2009, allowing aggregate companies to carry out “shared projects and objectives with a view to increasing their innovative capacity and market competitiveness , while maintaining each of them independence, autonomy and specialty.

(For more general information see also www.retimpresa.it - in Italian language).


How to become an aggregate member?

To become an aggregate member of RPM, each company and / or interested subject proposes his / her application in a pre-completed application, which will be examined by the governing body which will assess its relevance and opportunity, also involving as per statute also the founding members' assembly, for a better collegial evaluation of the company and / or professional candidate.

For any further clarification and additional information please send a query to info@rpm-italia.org 

RPM – Rete Professionisti Motorsport performance engineering RETE IMPRESE

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