Promoting innovation through Italian motorsport excellence

Innovation is at the heart of business success in the modern globalised knowledge economy. Italian firms are renowned for their innovative capability, particularly the innovatory capability  of the small and medium size firms (SMEs) that make up the backbone of the Italian economy.

Within the global motorsport industry, Italy is well known as being one of the global centres for the  industry, with names such as Ferrari and Ducati being just two of the global players within motorsport that are based in Italy.

At the same time, Italian SMEs working  within the motorsport industry are also world class in the quality of their  product and their innovatory capacity. RPM  has been formed to promote these Italian SMEs capabilities both within Italy and outwards to the world in the field of motorsport as well as in many others technologically advanced fields.

Our Vision

To establish an influential business network with global reach for Italian SMEs (Small and Medium Size Enterprises) working in motorsport promoting and enhancing Made in Italy engineering excellence.

Our Mission

Promote trade between member firms,

help create new trade for member firms both nationally and internationally,

help member firms diversify into new sectors,

create an influential voice for Italian motorsport SMEs on the national and global stage.

Our Values - RPM guiding principles

a methodical organizational approach is at the basis of any RPM endovour

the synergies generated within and from RPM are developed integrating the long standing competencies and expertise of our members

diversity characterises the roots of Italian motorsport tradition and excellence in technology (from motorbikes, to karting to four wheels and other technologically advanced engineering), RPM leverages its reach and development on all of this

RPM roots are entrenched in the Italian motorsport excellence leveraging and boosting a traditional natural projection to add value to projects throughout the globe

RPM is driven by a sense of proactivity in anticipating, stimulating and satisfying the needs that characterise the dynamics of the motorsport industry as well as other industries technologically related

RPM – Rete Professionisti Motorsport performance engineering RETE IMPRESE

Via dell’Artigianato 348
41058 Vignola MO