Pistal Racing Srl

Pistal Racing Srl

Our Story and What We Do

In 1999, a group of entrepreneurs, driven by a great passion for motorsport, founded Pistal Racing, offering its customers high quality aluminum forged pistons, equipping them with the most technologically advanced offered on the market. Since then many things have changed, but the commitment and passion to produce every single piston has never changed.

Today, in fact, our pistons are made of technologically advanced aluminum alloys such as 2618 and 4032, with case-hardened or nitrided steel pins, possibly DLC-coated and nitrided steel segments, a symbol of quality and technological innovation in the world.

Over the years the company has established a relationship of trust and confidentiality with various development companies and racing departments and has contacts with important automotive and motorcycle brands.

Our strategy to provide added value to our customers is based on maximum flexibility, product quality, confidentiality and innovative proposals, both on geometries and on the choice of suppliers, raw materials, accessories such as segments, pins and rings.

Since 2007 Pistal Racing has set up its management system, obtaining the SGS certification on the Quality management system and on the Environmental management system, according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001, in line with its philosophy of improvement continuous.

We always offered advice in evaluating the most suitable choices, starting from the general characteristics of each specific engine and leveraging on the many years of experience of its technicians.

The Technological Characteristics of Our Production Processes

  • lightness that is combined with high resistance;
  • use of materials with high mechanical characteristics, such as aeronautical-derived aluminum alloys for forged blanks, steel for vacuum-cast micro-cast blanks, particularly valuable steel for pins;
  • accessories supplied with the piston such as pins, segments and rings, designed and manufactured specifically for each of our pistons;
  • qualified suppliers with many years of experience in the motor field and a close working relationship with them.



Company Insights

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