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The Theoretical Foundation

Enhancement Psychology aims to increase personal resources and is aimed at anyone who wishes to increase or acquire new skills to raise the level of individual performance.

Enhancement Psychology is a model of applied psychology. Applied psychologies are the implementation in the field of theoretical psychologies and intervene directly in real life, to solve problems or improve their quality.

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At the Basis of Performance


Enhancement Psychology allows for the optimization of the person's Basic Operations, which are conceptually innovative and indispensable characteristics for achieving top-performance and for the full enhancement of talent.

Enanchement Psychology was born, on the theoretical basis of Functional Psychology, as a model of integrated mind-body interventions, which does not work in a fragmented way on thoughts, emotions or behaviors, but mainly intervenes on the basic functioning of the person that form the basis.

Working on the Functions of the Self makes it possible to create a multidimensional intervention project on the individual, avoiding focusing only on the cognitive or behavioral part. This allows us to reach another strength of the Psychology of Empowerment: situational flexibility. The latter, once acquired, will make it possible for the individual to adapt quickly to new challenges and to rapidly changing contexts.

What Enhancement Psychology is for

Our method is a multidimensional and circular model that makes use of specific techniques, instrumentation for the objectification of the results and a reference scientific theory, which can lead to:

Strengthen the person's Basic Operations;

Increase mental and body skills;

Customize the process based on the person's specific goals and characteristics;

Consolidate self-awareness, strengths and criticalities;

Identify and avoid dissipating individual talent.

Applied Methodology

Applied Methodology

The method applied, scientific and objectivable through data collection, is not comparable or comparable to any other existing mental training model: our working protocol aims to implement a process of personal strengthening that leads to the enhancement of skills and full autonomy.

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At this link a brief introductory interview with the Founders (in Italian)


The Circular Process


The organic approach: the intervention is innovative because it increases the person, through an integrated work that optimizes all functioning plans (cognitive, emotional, muscular-postural and physiological)

The solid scientific basis, which derives from Functional Psychology (today called Neo-Functionalism)

The objectification of the data and the process: the phases and results achieved are constantly monitored and allow the person to have continuous feedback on their improvements.


Training Tools


Innovative tools: use of the same neurofeedback and biofeedback tools applied to professional drivers of the highest level for the collection and analysis of data (level of stress, level of concentration, level of psychophysical tensions, level of anxiety, level of relaxation)

The simulation tool: through specific technology and specific software the person will experience stimulations that directly reproduce the conditions for ideal performance

The Psychology of Empowerment: it is an approach that leads the person to autonomy in the use of all the skills learned and which allows him to react skillfully in times of difficulty.


Integrated Mental Training 


The goal of our integrated mental training is to increase personal resources and is aimed at anyone who wishes to increase or acquire new skills to raise the level of individual performance.
The innovation of this approach lies in the fact of offering an integrated growth path. Integration intended as simultaneous and indissoluble strengthening of all levels of functioning of the person: Cognitive, Emotional, Physiological, Muscular-Postural.

This integrated vision is the result of the application in the sports field of the Psychology of Strengthening, and the resulting method, scientific and objectivable through data collection; it is not comparable or comparable to any other existing mental training model.

The concept of 'integrated person' originates from the Theory of Functional Psychology which represents our theoretical-scientific basis of reference.

What an integrated mental training IS NOT
It is not using techniques and technological instruments, albeit sophisticated and avant-garde, without having an overview of the athlete's personality and without a specific theory of the techniques used;
It is not exclusively teaching behavioral strategies to manage specific moments of competition:
It is not just working on motivation or on a positive and winning attitude.

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The Founders

The Founders

The Founders

Lorenzo Baldassarri and Riccardo Paterni met several years ago in a professional field motorsport related. From this meeting a professional esteem and a complicit personal friendship was born. The MindUp project has developed over the years, in the course of long conversations aimed at proposing something innovative in the field of developing personal potential and optimizing the abilities of those who are called to produce very high performances in their business.

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At this link a brief introductory interview with the Founders (in Italian)