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Kaiti expansion
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About us

Kaiti expansion operates in the marketing and communication sector, promoting the image and values of many companies and public bodies. With offices in Reggio Emilia, Rome and Milan, we are structured in a network of business areas, working in synergy with each other to offer personal projects and operational flexibility. Marketing means creating opportunities for people and business, designing and developing innovative ideas to address contemporary challenges with targeted advice. We are not just an agency: we can become a real partner in Marketing and Communication able to offer all the skills that companies need, coordinating all aspects of communication as an outsourcing marketing office.

Our story

Our story

In 1995, Davide Caiti, the CEO of Kaiti expansion, founded the company with a precise goal that “making” communication must not only involve creativity but also entrepreneurial strategy. A benefit that, for over 25 years, has been transformed into business, putting in place synergies of people, ideas and talents to become a benchmark in the field of marketing and communication. But above all to be consistent with the company philosophy: that innovation and staying up with the times are Kaiti’s true trademark.

The approach

We provide a complete staff of professionals: we start from a stage of analysis to understand the needs and define the objectives; from here, we design a customized strategy with a program of activities planned over time and shared with the customer, to activate the most useful services and manage communication in a coordinated manner. According to the chosen plan, necessary activities, deadlines and working hours are established, with precision, transparency and monthly reports. This method guarantees customized projects, operational flexibility, more resources and less costs, to face contemporary challenges with targeted consulting.



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