Founded in 2016, Cube Controls was born from the passion for motorsport shared by its founders Fabio

Roberto Sotgiu and Massimo Cubeddu.

In just a few years, the company has become a top player in the sim racing industry as one of the most

influential manufacturers on the market. Today, as its products become closer and closer to the real

motorsport hardware thanks to its constant R&D activities, Cube Controls boasts prestigious collaborations

with internationallyrenowned drivers and a partnership with major car manufacturers such as AMG Mercedes

Benz, Hyundai and Honda.


Cube Controls has two goals: the first one, is to bring the most realistic motorsport experience while racing on

a simulator with the highest level of quality possible for a sim environment.

The other one is to apply our expertise to the real motorsport providing a new perspective in terms of design

and ergonomics inside a racing car: in that sense, the collaboration with Mercedes AMG is the first step. In the

last year, we worked to create a steering wheel specifically designed for the Mercedes AMG GT Track Series.


A thing that is sometimes taken for granted in the industry, both sim and real, is that we desperately need to

pay attention to details. We need passion for the creation of hardware not only reliable and solid but also

aesthetically pleasant, specifically designed to enhance performances and the general enjoyment while

racing. That’s why we work with no compromises by using high-quality materials and developing wheels that are more than just a replica.

We work hard to improve the experience while having a steering wheel in your hands.


Cube Controls is based in Sardinia. Being an Italian company means inheriting that pursuit of the beauty that

for centuries has shaped our country. As Sardinians, we are also extremely stubborn, something that we

convert into perseverance and dedication in what we do every day.

Those values can be easily spotted in the craftsmanship of our team and in the way we hand-assemble all the

products we create.

That’s what makes them so unique and special.