Revenge Engineering Srl

Revenge Engineering Srl

Our Story

Revenge Engineering was setup in 2014 as a supplier of engineering services mainly to the automotive industry and motorsport. 
Their foundes have been working for over 25 years in the automotive industry on several different projects for all the main car manufacturers. 
Revenge Engineering background has its roots in testing, modeling, simulation and design of mechanical system with a special focus on the NVH optimization of internal combustion engines, car and truck drivelines, component design for engines and vehicles. 
Over 20 years experience in race engineering top drivers and teams in the major race series have contributed to build up our skills in a high demanding environment as the motorsport. 
This depth of knowledge and a streamlined structure are the basis to make responses to complex issues available to everyone.


To provide fast solutions on often unknown or underestimated technical matters through our passion for mechanics and design.


To offer a wide range of engineering services, from the concept to the final design through modeling and simulation, to address complex issues and designs with fast response time typical of a lean structure.


Passion: we turned our passion for motorsport and mechanical design in the driving force to find out the best solution to any issue

Commitment to the customer: working alongside customers and supporting them in the key decisions make the real contribution to the final result and increase their level of loyalty

Flexibility: to use knowledge and skills to engineer solutions in different areas within short time

Thinking out of the box: nothing is impossible but strict approach and method are always the foundation