Shapeable and safe supercaps for high performance

Novac was born in 2020 in Modena as a University startup from UNIMORE.

Novac's journey is centered on the development of advanced materials for energy storage systems, concentrating on the integration of mouldable solid-state supercapacitors into an array of applications. The mission to create high-performance materials for energy storage systems is complemented by a vision to energize electric mobility in its many forms. This focus has led Novac to venture into diverse sectors including motorsport, automotive, aerospace, smart mobility, e-boats, and exoskeletons.

The company's inception was driven by the demand for innovative energy solutions that cater to both competitive and commercial landscapes. Novac has since carved a niche in motorsports, where the high demands for efficiency and performance mirror the company's aspirations. Simultaneously, contributions to aerospace and other smart technologies reflect Novac's versatility and commitment to advancing the industry's potential through robust and adaptable energy storage systems.

Novac has developed its first prototype for Motorsport in late 2023, consisting in a supercapacitors module embedded in a carbon fiber engine cover from a Super Formula car.