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Our story

M.E.RIN Company, has been established in 1994 by a group of technicians, who have developed know-how in aeronautical field, taking part in the planning and realization of fuel cells for aircrafts and helicopters.

Year by year, thanks to the durability, flexibility and extraordinary toughness of its products, M.E.RIN has imposed itself as supplier of leading companies such as: Ferrari, Maserati, Skoda, FIAT, Lamborghini, BMW, Volkswagen, SEAT, Dallara Automobili, Blackshape, Sistemi Dinamici, IDS, Leonardo, VR-Technologies, Baykar Makina, AERO, Selex, etc.

At present, we design, manufacture and test safety fuel cells in house to maintain total control of the quality and safety of each product prior to delivery. Our quality system complies with all FIA standards (FT3, FT3.5, FT5-1999), and we have acquired, and keep working according, ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certification.


To make the difference concerning on-time delivery and reliability.


At M.E.RIN we pursue safety without compromise. It is our mission to provide tailor-made answers through high quality fuel tank systems built on the back of a true spirit of partnership with our client’s innate need for speed.

Our Values

  • Team working
  • Employees training
  • High quality standards
  • Pro-active attitude
  • Take responsibility of your own work

Company Insights

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ISO - EN 9001.9100.24.07.2018

Certificate ISO9001 2018-07-20