Record-breaking edition for Motorsport Club 2024
Posted by GMA - Kaiti Expansion - RPM on 03/05/2024

Record-breaking edition for Motorsport Club 2024

The event organized by Global Marketing Architecture in collaboration with RPM-Rete Professionisti Motorsport as part of Motor Valley Fest recorded a great participation.


Great success for Motorsport Club 2024. The event dedicated to the High Performance Engineering sector, which promotes cooperation between Italy and the United Kingdom, was held last 3 May at the Laboratorio Aperto in Modena. Organized with the strategic collaboration of RPM - Italian Motorsport Network on the initiative of one of the companies that are part of the network, Global Marketing Architecture, the event brought together experts and professionals in the sector offering a unique experience: a moment of direct discussion between professionals and in-depth information on topics of particular impact on the industry.


Over 170 delegates from the two countries and representatives of 70 companies in the supply chain. 26 exhibition desks that offered a showcase for recent innovations, technologies and products related to motorsport. An initiative welcomed with enthusiasm which saw great participation, confirming the interest of the sector player in the possibilities arising from the synergy between the Italian and British markets. The event, created with the aim of creating a bridge between the two countries, brought together companies and experts, stimulating the exchange of ideas and the birth of new business opportunities.


Three round-tables to address key topics, thanks to the participation of notable speakers. The discussions touched on several central issues: the first session explored the possibilities of transferring skills and technologies from motorsport to aerospace and other sectors, highlighting the potential for cross-sector collaboration. The second analyzed accelerated innovation, focusing on cutting-edge materials and production processes, with particular attention to new technologies in motorsport and practices to improve process efficiency. Finally, the third session highlighted the synergies between artificial intelligence, electronics and advanced applications, offering an overview of the latest trends and their impact on the future of motorsport.


The event received positive feedback from participants, who showed great interest both in the topics covered and in the opportunities for technical and commercial discussion. Motorsport Club 2024 confirms itself as a strategic event for the sector: a unique platform in Italy that encourages meetings and the creation of synergies, thanks to the numerous networking opportunities that generate new professional contacts and collaboration opportunities. An event that reflects the spirit of cooperation of RPM, the strategic partner of the initiative.


It is no coincidence that Motorsport Club 2024 is organized and promoted by Global Marketing Architecture: a consultancy company specializing in internationalization which is part of RPM and fully reflects its values. “With 20 years of experience as a consultant, I understood that the key to the solutions that each of us offers lies in human connection” explains Matteo Costariol, co-founder of Global Marketing Architecture. “This is Motorsport Club, where ideas meet and opportunities arise. Here industry professionals come together for meaningful dialogues and value creation. Our aim is to spark a dynamic conversation between the most influential markets in Europe, Italy and the UK, fueling innovation and taking the industry to new heights through collaboration and mutual exchange.”


A vision shared with the network of which the company is part, as confirmed by Riccardo Paterni, co-founder, VP Business Development & Network Manager of RPM: "I agree with what Matteo said. The dynamic design spirit of synergy and development belongs to also at RPM. When Global Marketing Architecture became part of the network we immediately worked to support their initiative to create and organize Motorsport Clubs. Everyone brought their skills and contacts. The results of these synergies are well known to everyone: to the companies and institutions that took part in the event from Italy and the United Kingdom. This is just the beginning of a path that we will carry forward to create concrete value for the companies in the network”.


Motorsport Club 2024 was created as part of Motor Valley Fest thanks to the support of various bodies and organizations. In addition to RPM, also CNA Modena and Emilia-Romagna, the Department for Business and Trade at the British consulate and the Emilia-Romagna Region.