Who is Andreoli & C. Right Now
Posted by Andreoli & C. on 08/08/2019

Who is Andreoli & C. Right Now

Founded 37 years ago, in the last twenty years Andreoli & C. carried out its activity mainly in the high-level automotive sector, cooperating with companies of world importance, as far as the racing ambience is concerned.

According to Luca Battazzi, company Sales Manager:
We can say that our main purpose is to maintain the company’s quality and organizational standards appropriate to the levels required in the sectors in which we operate and on which we are highly specialized:  precision welding techniqueslaser cutting and sheet bending, the pipe bending and quality control.

In order to do this, we must invest both in economic and human resources terms. I’m referring to “Lean Production” or “Lean Manufacturing”, a work management methodology that involves organizational and production processes, aimed at optimizing operative performances, waste reduction and cost control. This path, which began more than a year and a half ago, had effect on the company layout, involving fundamental areas such as the reorganization of roles and job descriptions. The process is still in progress because the refinement is constantly evolving.

The company is particularly careful in promoting the updating of the commercial approach and internal organization, always aimed at improving the service we offer to companies that rely on us.

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