Kineton Academy: its program and features
Posted by Kineton on 28/01/2020

Kineton Academy: its program and features

Now that you’ve finally finished your studies, it’s time to start shaping your future.

We offer a great incentive package valued at € 2.000, you will receive payment during this 16 week course plus meals, and on top of this, upon completion of the course you have the possibility of getting a permanent position here in Kineton. After the last Academy, around 90% of this successful candidates were granted a full-time position with Kineton within only 3 months of completing the course.

Our 16 week course has it all: immediately useful lessons with expert technicians, real-world practical exercises, and a hands-on internship at our very own laboratory that includes meaningful experience with some of our many international partners, and all in a collaborative atmosphere, where you’re more than a number.

During the first 8 weeks of the course, you will be learning the ins and outs of the automotive sector. After that you’ll be ready to learn about the future of the automotive industry including electrical systemsinfotainment, cool stuff, in other words.

We know you’re hungry to prove yourself, so don’t worry, we work closely with our students to monitor their progress and growth. We’re fully dedicated to preparing you for the world of engineering.

A fluency in English language is something to be proud of, and we offer the opportunity to receive exam preparation courses for Cambridge intermediate and advanced levels, along with English conversation classes which will help you put  all of this newly acquired knowledge of the English language to use.

More information on the program, its strucutre and its preprequirements and this link.


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