RPM network proactive during the lockdown
Posted by RPM on 16/03/2020

RPM network proactive during the lockdown

Most of the RPM network companies have been involved in March 9th 2020 lockdown by government Decree in order to contain and manage the COVID-19 pandemia that has heavily impacted Italy.

Some companies, belonging to also to special business categories, have continued their activity reducing operations and managing at best all of the mandatory sanitary requirements, some also contributing in direct and indirect ways to the fight against the pandemia.

As a network of companies we are being proactive towards trying to understand, interpret and participate actively to the redefinition of social and economic global dynamics post pandemia focusing on the motorsport industries and technologically related ones.

For this purpose we are organising for member companies special video conferences focusing on financial, technological and business topics involving international specialists.

As a network we are shaping together the proper mindset and actively seeking concrete means to be ready at best for the next motorsport activities restart and beyond.

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