What is laser welding
Posted by Andreoli & C. on 06/05/2019

What is laser welding

Laser welding is a very important metalworking technique. We had mentioned a brief explanation just talking about the different weldings offered by Andreoli & C. for a long time. What is laser welding and because it is so important for our company?

Wikipedia says laser welding is “… a welding technique used to join multiple pieces of metal by the use of a laser. The ray provides a concentrated source of heat, which allows a thin and deep weld. The process is frequently used in high-volume applications, such as the ones of automotive industry. ”


Laser welding brings many benefits to production processes. Among them we can include:

• High seal capacity thanks to high welding speed
• Very clean results: the welding will be precise and without burrs
• Reduced heat to obtain distortion-free details
• Application to different material


We could not have found better words to define a process so basic and fundamental for the high level automotive industry. Andreoli & C. usually welds by using two different machines.

  • Trulaser Cell 7020
    This machine allows us to weld in depth without obtaining a too evident joint bead
  • Trulaser Station 5004
    We use this machine for pulsed laser welding. Perfect for welding very small pieces

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