Motorsport Next inspired by Dino Paoli Srl within RPM network
Posted by Dino Paoli Srl on 15/04/2021

Motorsport Next inspired by Dino Paoli Srl within RPM network

DINO PAOLI SRL, leading company in the production of wheel guns and impact wrenches for motorsport, automotive and industrial applications, is pleased to announce its entry into RPM, the Motorsport Professionals Network that connects the excellence of the field. The company's participation in the project is aimed at seeking, identifying and promoting synergy between the various companies that are part of it.

The contribution of Francesca Paoli, CEO of DINO PAOLI SRL, and of Dr. Federico Galloni, Commercial Director and Executive Board Member of DINO PAOLI SRL, was fundamental. Francesca Paoli, Vice President Network Development of RPM, was the key element during the inclusion phase in the Network and actively cooperates in the identification and creation of new relationships with the field leaders.

Dr. Federico Galloni has been the inspirer of Motorsport Next: the forum that will take place on June 30th and which, as a direct emanation of RPM, has been proposed as a motorsport congress. Motorsport Next aims to bring together the RPM network members and other organizations in the field in order to lay the basis for an Industry Innovation and Technology Transfer Global Forum entirely dedicated to motorsport, a type of event that today is completely absent in Italy, and finally, to consolidate and increase the flow of technological transfer to other sectors.

The online event will be held in English and it will have an international outreach and media coverage, also thanks to the celebrity of the Italian Motor Valley excellences.