Synergy Pathways establishes ties with the Indian Embassy
Posted by Synergy Pathways on 06/06/2019

Synergy Pathways establishes ties with the Indian Embassy

The recently founded Toscana - India association has organised in Florence ( Confindustria Florence headquarters ) a conference to establish, empower and strengthen cultural, social and business ties among Tuscany and India. The Ambassador of India, Reenat Shandu, together with other Indian and Italian authorities, also in remote conference from New Delhi, have articulated an up-to-date picture of India and Tuscany current potentials for joint project developments. It has been a conference well structured and organised by the association, informative and at the same time able to convey a sense of common values ties present at the root of the relations among Tuscany and India. 

On the occasion, Synergy Pathways, represented by Riccardo Paterni, has personally outlined to the Ambassador of India the nature and aims of RPM indentifying the concrete opportunity to organize during the fall an event in Italy in order to favour direct ties with relevant companies in India.

RPM products, services and know-how can not only support the development of motorsport in India, they can contribute to the development of sustanable mobiitly that the Ambasador has pointed out as a key overall govetment focus. 

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