Engineering Your Ideas

Our story & vision:

Italtecnica srl has been founded in 1985. From nearly 40 years we cooperate with the major car manufacturers.

A constant evolution story, which started with the rally championship and combines our problem-solving attitude with innovation and development. Our experience is applied to high-performance engines and prototypes for special series supercars, OEM, car manufacturers and motorsport applications.

Italtecnica is now the result of the perfect mix between research and experience. Continuous research into new technologies combined with years of experience in the automotive field guarantees a complete turnkey offer: from the design, to the production and testing of high-performance powertrains and prototypes.

Passion for our work is transformed into constant personal dedication and commitment of each of our worker aimed at the search for perfection in every project that sees us employed. These values let Italtecnica become a reference point for the design, construction and testing of powertrains. We are currently involved in numerous ambitious projects and, for us, there is no better gratification than seeing our customers satisfied.


We are oriented to find a sustainable future for Internal Combustion Engines. ICEs evolve using last advanced technologies and research results in order to offer to our customers innovative services that are at the perfect trade off between performance and respect for environment.

Know-how & services:

Italtecnica combines the technical know-how of its expert technicians team to a client-driven approach, oriented to the problem solving. Flexibility and adaptation are abilities acquired in the racing field and then transferred to all the projects. A tight bond with the suppliers and a solid network with international partners make the company an excellence.

Principal services offered to our customers are macro-divided below:

  1. Powertrain: Design, production and testing of high-performance combustion engines and hybrid powertrains.
  2. Chassis and suspensions: Design, virtual simulation, prototyping and tuning of chassis and suspensions
  3. Vehicle equipment: Engineering and validation of every kind of vehicle, including all the auxiliary systems (cooling, lubrication, fuel supply, HVAC, ecc.), engine/parts swap.


Engineering your ideas: if you have an idea we can produce it! We are proud of our full client driven approach for all the engineering and testing phases. We are able to create a 100% turnkey powertrain completely customized. You can follow each step: from the preliminary study to the test bench validation.



Company Insights

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