Rpm Second General Assembly in 2022. Action time!

Oct 27, 2022
Rpm Second General Assembly in 2022. Action time!

On October 27th 2022 we have had, at our operational headquarters, the second general assembly for 2022. Of the 21 companies that actually comprise the network 17 were present (represented by well over 20 people in presence and 3 people connected in remote).

We have had as guests: Davide Bezzecchi, Manager of R&D and Innovation Unindustria Reggio Emilia and expert on formal organizational networks); Matteo Martinelli, Sales Manager Kaiti expansion, communication expert and member of the companies network SmartGroup; Stefano Brindani, Sales Autopromotec and Socrate Zizza, Founder of Made In Motorvalley branding initiative.


New Members

We have welcomed the representatives of two new member companies SKEMA and NTP whom have briefly introduced their activities and goals. Welcome to SKEMA and NTP, both companies have been working already with some of the network members, we look forward to stimulate further synergies with them and support their continuos growth.


New Board Advisor

We have then introduced the new role of Nicoletta Visconti (one of RPM original founding members, the CEO of Pistal Racing) as Organizational and Trade Shows Advisor to the Board. Thank you Nicoletta for you relevant, experienced and consistent support.


Professional Motorsport Network Cologne and PRI Indianapolis presence

We have shared updates regarding the presence of RPM at the upcoming Professional Motorsport Expo in Cologne and PRI, Performance Racing Industry in Indianapolis coming up in December. To note that the presence to PRI is happening thanks to the coooperation with ICE (Italian Trade Agency)  through AICA trade association. With ICE itself RPM (still through the active cooperation with Autopromotec and AICA association - RPM is a AICA member) is already exploring additional international developments regarding motorsport and other technology fields.


The concrete opportunities of a formal network of companies

We thank Davide Bezzecchi for the articulated and updated presentation he has made relevant to the roots and benefits of network companies legally organized in Italy as RPM. He has pointed out several practical organizational insights showing the example of networks created in several fields, automotive included. The legal structure of RPM gives us unique opportunities of joint development, synergy, effectiveness, efficiency and growth. We have analysed with Davide the development path of RPM since the goal setting outlined in our first general assembly in Rome in 2018 and the activities developed since the formal constitution in Modena in 2019. As output of this dialogue we will renew a qualitative and qualitative survey for all the RPM members, verify and refresh the initial network project goals and further develop growth paths. 


Learning to leverage on communication

We thank also Matteo Martinelli for his presentation relevant to the SmartGroup network of companies as a practical case study to draw insights from. Matteo expertise is in communication and he has also shared with us inputs on how to improve internal and external communication. Those are fields that we are determined to expand in order to make sure that the value added that RPM is able to generate for its members is concretely perceived by member companies and potential members alike. All of the members have to take (in the proper spirit of a formal network like ours) an active role in this process and we need to find ways to better stimulate and coordinate the process itself.


Futuremotive and Motorsport Next 2023 editions

Stefano Brindani from Autopromotec has then updated us regarding to the 2023 event Futuremotive (focusing on technological innovation related to mobility and automotive) that will be formally announced shortly. The event will take place in November 2023 and within it we will have the 2023 edition of Motorsport Next, Industry Innovation and Technology Transfer Global Forum, that will represent an in presence evolution of the 2021 Introductory Edition that had to be organized in remote. Shortly Autopromotec and RPM will begin a promotional campaign regarding the event, it will begin by utilizing a summary of the 2021 event. Stefano has also pointed out a relevant event by FIA that will be organized as networking events on December 7th 2022 in Lamborghini and Pagani. We thank Stefano and the entire Autopromotec organisation for the consistent relevant teamwork in the name of valueing innovation and Italian technological excellence. Autopromotec CEO, Renzo Servadei has also joined us and showed us the innovative automotive after sales training facilities of the infrastructure.


Made in Motorvalley Branding

We have then welcomed the presence of Socrate Zizza founder of the branding project Made In Motorvalley. Socrate’s innovation has been to create a guarantee of excellence for products and services offered from the Motorvalley, he is attesting this certification by utilizing blockchain by Bitcoin technology. His iniziative has stimulated the synergic support the Motor Valley Foundation and Emilia Romagna region. RPM itself is synergizing with Made in Motorvalley to support visibility and growth of relevant companies.


RPM consistent growth and influence

After the meeting we have had a lunch buffet and debated about many aspects relevant to RPM path since its roots. We are determined to get to know more through visits and reciprocity all of the RPM members (this process that had been started has been slowed and even stopped by COVID dynamics) as well as focus on common and even joint projects involving technical aspects, training, qualified personnel for common goals. All of these processes leverage on a the inputs and insights of all of the members, the Board is always ready to listen, gather information, inputs and elaborate for joint international growth and opportunities.